Boiler Installation

Boilers are some of the longest-lasting heating systems on the market, as a brand-new system will be enough to keep your house warm for 30 years or more. They also have some of the highest heating capacities available, which is great for cold New England winters. To really make the most of a new boiler, though, you’ll need to turn to your local installation experts to do the job. At Hurley & David, we’ve been installing boilers all over the Springfield area for over 50 years, and we have the tools and expertise to keep your family warm for decades to come.

Benefits of a Boiler Upgrade

If you’re building a new home and need a new heating system to match, a boiler can be a great way to keep that home warm. For existing homes, though, getting a new boiler is a matter of up-front cost versus long-term savings. New boilers are quite a bit more efficient than older systems, and if yours is more than a decade old, a replacement may be able to pay for itself in just a few winters. This is especially true if your system is starting to have maintenance issues, especially internal damage: it’s often easier to start fresh with a new boiler than to try and squeeze a few more winters out of your existing system if significant repairs are called for.

We’ll help you make the right heating decision for your home by doing what’s called a payback analysis, which compares the up-front cost of boiler installation to the amount of money you’ll save per month on reduced fuel usage.

Moving Forward with Boiler Installation

With over five decades’ experience in the HVAC industry, we understand the importance of proper sizing. We’ll start the project with a heat loss calculation, so called because it depends on the amount of heat your home loses through its roof, windows, doors and walls. We may recommend adding extra insulation to reduce heat loss and thus lower your home’s heating load. With that information in hand, we’ll be able to precisely size your new boiler to match your home’s heating needs.

Heat loss calculations are obviously important if you’re installing a boiler in a new home, but we recommend it even if you’re replacing an existing boiler. Copying sizing information from the old boiler only works if the original system was properly sized in the first place, which is not always the case. Moreover, your home’s heating load may have changed over time, so even an accurate calculation from a decade ago may not be a good yardstick for a new system.

Once you’ve chosen a boiler that’s properly sized to fit your home and budget, our technicians will work efficiently to get it up and running in your home. We’ll take our time and test everything to make sure you’ll have effective heating for many winters to come.