Duct Sealing

If your home uses a forced-air system such as a central air conditioner or furnace, you’re using ducts to stay comfortable – and you’re probably wasting money. After all, the average system loses 30 percent of conditioned air to leaks in the ducts where it runs through small spaces between walls or in attic spaces. Those leaks not only inflate your energy bills, they also put added wear and tear on your system.

Aeroseal®: available only from Hurley & David

By far the most accurate and efficient method of duct sealing is the Aeroseal system, of which Hurley & David is the exclusive provider in the region. The Aeroseal system uses advanced technology to determine the exact degree of ductwork air loss: we will show you down to the exact percentage how much of your heating or cooling dollars are being lost to crawl spaces where ducts run. Aeroseal then injects polymer particles that attach themselves to the areas of leakage, sealing them from the inside. (This technology was originally developed by research funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy.) We will then run the same test to show you the degree of efficiency gained — usually, nearly 100%. In addition to greater efficiency, leak-free ductwork will deliver more even comfort to each room: no more cold or hot spots in certain small spaces in the home.

More About Duct Leaks

As you might expect, the joints in your duct system are some of the most vulnerable places for leaks to show up, although holes can appear just about anywhere. Leaks in the return ducts which run through crawl spaces can introduce excessive dust or allergens to the system. It’s not just a waste of energy, it’s a legitimate health concern if allergies or asthma are an issue in your household.

Leaks force the system to work extra hard to deal with unconditioned air from attic spaces, basement, or crawl spaces that leaks into the ductwork. These impurities that leak in can lead to maintenance issues down the road. Inefficient ducts sometimes lead homeowners to purchase unnecessarily large systems in an effort to improve comfort, which can be an expensive mistake. Oversized systems cost more, waste energy, and often create drafts or hot spots in small spaces such as a breakfast nook.

In addition to sealing ducts with Aeroseal, we can add insulation around the ducts in attic spaces or crawl spaces to make sure that conditioned air maintains its temperature as it cycles around your house.

At Hurley & David, we’ve been helping homeowners all over Western Massachusetts save energy for decades, and we know ductwork inside and out. Give us a call at (413) 732-3141 to see how we can seal your duct system with the most advanced technology on the market.