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Servicing and installing water-based heating systems, such as boilers or hydronic radiant systems, has always been part of how Hurley & David has served Western Mass homes — so plumbing has always been among our services. Today, we offer full service plumbing for any system throughout your home as part of our commitment to your total home comfort. So whether it is as small as a leaky faucet or a toilet repair, as comprehensive as engineering and installing a radiant floor into your new addition, or as specialized as installing a whole-home water purification system, you can turn to us when you need an expert plumber.

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High Efficiency Hot Water Heaters

The perfect intersection of our total home comfort and home energy performance services is upgrading a home’s hot water system with a new high-efficiency appliance. Many people are aware that tankless hot water heaters (referred to also as “on demand hot water heaters”) are more efficient than conventional tank models. While we certainly have installed many of these systems, our primary recommendation is for a hybrid system, which enjoys the same high-efficiency as tankless while also the delivering the benefits of consistent heating common to tanks. Ask one of our Comfort Advisors for more details.

Leaks, Repairs & Service

Depending on which town or city you live in, your water bill might have increased quite a bit over the last five years. With some estimates suggesting that as much as 10% of a home’s water use can be attributed to leaks, it can be very costly to ignore those drips or the running toilet. But the truth is, ignoring it is what most people do — you just get used to it. Let our experts solve that little problem you’ve been looking past and save you some real money while they’re at it.

Water Quality Problems

Whether you have town water or rely on a well system, water hardness or impurity can affect your family in many ways. Perhaps your dishwasher seems to frequently leave spots on glassware; maybe you’ve noticed your laundry tends to have a scratchy feel; perhaps there is a noticeable difference between the taste of your tap water compared to filtered or bottled water. As part of our commitment to your total home comfort, our technicians know how to thoroughly assess the quality of your home’s water and can recommend localized or whole-house solutions.

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