Temperature / Pressure Relief Valve Test

Follow the safety guidelines included in this infographic for testing the temperature / pressure relief valve on your home’s water heater.

Take a look at the Mythbusters® “Hot Water Heater Explosion” video — that’s what can happen when the temperature / pressure relief valve is disabled.

Infographic from Hurley & David, providing HVAC service in Western Mass, showing how to test a water heater's temperature / pressure relief valve.

Test your water heater’s temperature / pressure relief valve twice a year.

First: Locate the valve on the top or side of your water heater. Place a bucket or pan under the drain pipe.

Then: Lift the lever to hold the valve open for five seconds. Be careful: the water is hot! Wear shoes and keep bucket level.

If: The valve won’t open or no water comes out; the valve drips or doesn’t fully seal after you test it; you notice water pooling below the drain pipe in the future…

…contact our plumbing experts right away!