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4 Most Common Signs of Energy Problems

4 Most Common Signs of Energy Problems

As a homeowner, you’re likely aware of signs of energy issues, such as rising bills or observable air leaks. Many energy problems, however, are less obvious, and you need to be aware of the signs to diagnose the issue accurately. Many energy issues are about more than wasting power: they can lead to health and safety issues and eat away at the value of your house. A well-informed homeowner, though, can take proactive steps to address and eliminate those problems.

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High Bills

Rising utility bills are an obvious sign of energy issues, though finding the exact source of the rising cost often requires a little more digging. Increased electric bills are often caused by inefficient lighting or other appliances–the air conditioner is the biggest power hog in most homes, with the refrigerator a distant second. High heating bills are usually the fault of an aging furnace or boiler, perhaps one with maintenance issues. Inadequate insulation and lack of air sealing can also cause heat to leak out of the home, increasing costs.

Cold and Ice

One serious sign of an energy issue is a buildup of ice along the edge of the roof during the winter. Usually, this means heat is leaking into the attic, causing ice to melt and then re-freeze in the gutters; over time, this can cause roof and gutter damage in addition to increased heating costs. Cold drafts and cold floors in the winter months may also be signs of inadequate insulation and cold air infiltration.

Uneven Heating/Cooling

You might notice that certain rooms are too hot or too cold despite how your thermostat is set. This could be a sign of poor insulation or leaks in the duct system. You might also have too much warm or cool air coming in around the edges of older, poorly sealed, and insulated windows, putting extra strain on the system.

Mold and Mildew

In addition to being a source of respiratory problems, mold growth is often a sign of an energy usage problem. Mold thrives in poorly ventilated areas and can also grow on incorrectly applied insulation. If you see dark stains on the underside of roof sheathing, there might be moist air from living spaces leaking into your attic, causing attic mold.

Respiratory Issues

Allergies, eye irritation, and trouble breathing can all be signs of excessive dust or spores in the air. In addition to the mold as mentioned earlier and mildew issues, dust in the air could be a sign of leaky ducts or dirty air filters, both of which can seriously hurt both the indoor air quality and your home energy performance.

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