Oil to Gas Conversion

If you have a boiler or furnace, your heating costs come down to the amount you pay for fuel. Reducing your overall heat usage is one way to save going forward, but another is to make a change in the fuel you use to provide that heat. Before the next frigid New England winter hits, consider converting from an oil to natural gas or propane heating system. The upshot is more efficient heating and lower fuel costs.

Evaluating Your Current System

Before you make the decision to convert, you’ll need to get as much information as possible on your current heating situation. We’ll analyze your previous heating bills and take a look at the system itself to determine how much fuel you’re using on a monthly basis. We’ll also take a look at the heat your home loses through its roof, walls, windows and doors, and we may recommend adding more insulation to reduce your fuel usage further.

Finding Ways to Save

With that knowledge of your home’s heating needs and current fuel usage, we’ll help you compare gas furnaces to help you identify the system that works best for your home. Heating systems are available in a variety of configurations at a number of price points, and we’ll account for your heating needs and budget in recommending the best system. Once you’ve chosen the right gas furnace to meet those needs, we’ll work diligently to install it up to the manufacturer’s specifications and make sure you’re all set for two decades or more of efficient heating.

Converting from oil to gas heat is a big project, but one that can save you hundreds of dollars every year. Give us a call at (413) 732-3141 to discuss your conversion options and schedule a consultation.