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Furnace Installation

Furnace Installation in Massachusetts

Whether you need a brand-new heating and cooling system for a newly constructed home or want an upgrade over an aging furnace, you’ll need help from your local furnace installation experts to get the job done.

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At Hurley & David, we’ve been dealing with new furnace installation for over 50 years, throughout the Springfield area. We have the tools and expertise needed to set up any home with highly efficient heating from day 1.

Furnace Installation Process

We start every furnace installation project with a heat loss calculation to determine your home’s heating load. We’ll measure the amount of heat your home loses through its roof, windows, doors, and walls, and we may recommend adding more insulation to reduce your heating needs. The upshot is that we are able to plan your new furnace installation so it is perfectly sized to meet those needs.

Once we’ve measured your home’s heating load, we’ll work with you to pick out the right furnace to carry that load.

With over five decades of experience in furnace installation and replacement, we know how to make sure your new furnace meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s specifications. We’ll never leave your home until we’ve made sure your new system will run at peak efficiency.

We offer many heating options and can install a brand-new Lennox furnace in your home as soon as tomorrow!

Our goal is always to provide your home with better heating for less money, for this winter and many more to come. So don’t forget to check out our coupon page for additional discounts! If your home is in need of a new heating solution, give us a call at (413)-650-1327 to learn more.

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Finding the Right Time to Upgrade your Furnace

In many cases, there are ways to improve your heating efficiency and effectiveness without replacing your entire furnace. Upgrading your insulation, for instance, is a very cost-effective method.

However, if you own an older furnace that cannot be easily repaired, it may be best to start fresh with a brand-new heating system.

Newer furnaces offer substantially higher annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) than older models, and especially if you get a lot of use out of your furnace–which is very common here in Western Massachusetts–an upgrade may be able to pay for itself in just a few winters. This is particularly true if you’ve been having maintenance issues with your existing furnace. That’s why getting an energy efficient heating system is so important!

No matter your case, you can count on Hurley & David for quality furnace service and replacement.

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Updates to the Regional HVAC Equipment Efficiency and Testing Standards

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