System Upgrade

Living in Western Massachusetts means spending a good chunk of every year thinking about the most effective way to heat your home. Perhaps you’ve just made an addition to your home, or perhaps your current furnace or boiler just isn’t getting the job done and small spaces like hallways are chilly. In either case, a system upgrade will give you more effective heating and potentially lower your utility bills. At Hurley & David, we’re here to help you find the right system to suit your heating needs.

Radiant Heat

One efficient way to upgrade a boiler-based heating system is to add radiant heat floors to your home. Radiant heat feels comfortable everywhere, even in small spaces, because it heats everything in the house, including people. The system transfers heat directly to your body, and in particular to your feet, the first parts of your body to start feeling the cold. In addition to those comfort benefits, radiant heat can cut up to 30 percent on your heating costs. Because it heats objects directly rather than the air, there is less heat lost to unconditioned areas such as attic spaces or crawl spaces.

Advanced radiant heat systems can be used to heat outdoor portions of your home; these systems don’t reach the same temperatures as those used to heat the home, but rather keep surfaces above freezing. Having a heated patio can make your outdoor space more usable all year long, while putting radiant heat under your driveway can prevent ice patches and make clearing snow easier.

Hydro-Air Systems

If you’re not sure whether a furnace or boiler is the better option for your home, try going with the best of both worlds. A hydro-air system uses a boiler to heat water, which in turn warms the air in an air handler before circulating it through your duct system. Hydro-air systems combine the sheer heating power of a boiler with the consistent comfort of a furnace, making them truly the most versatile systems on the market.

At Hurley & David, we’ve installed hundreds of these systems in homes all over the Springfield area. The initial cost of the system may be a little higher, but the long-term benefits of energy efficiency and heating power are often well worth that cost. We’re also happy to better insulate your home and show you even more ways to reduce heat loss from the attic, crawl spaces, or other small spaces.

If you’re ready to upgrade your heating system and keep your home warmer all winter long, don’t hesitate. Call us at (413) 732-3141 to learn more about your system upgrade options.