Energy Performance Evaluation

Nearly every customer we work with raises at least some concerns about energy usage in the home, and because heating and cooling are the biggest consumers of energy in nearly all houses, that’s a subject we know a good deal about. If you’re serious about cutting your energy usage and saving money, you’ll need more information: a home energy performance evaluation is our comprehensive approach to uncovering all the ways you are paying to put energy to work — and possibly to waste.

What’s An Energy Performance Evaluation?

Also known as a home energy checkup, or assessment, a home energy energy performance evaluation is a comprehensive look at energy usage in your home. It will give you a complete energy profile, including a detailed report on the condition of major systems in your home, detailed recommendations regarding improvements to the home, and free estimates for all recommended improvements.

If you’ve been living in your home for a while, you’re probably aware of at least some energy issues, and we’ll start by taking in that knowledge. For instance, you might know that certain systems are old or lack Energy Star labels, or you might have noticed drafts or air leaks in certain parts of the house. We’ll check out those problems you’ve noticed to find the source of each one. A full energy performance evaluation, however, goes beyond those visible problems to address every way your home could be losing energy, including hidden leaks, gaps in insulation and invisible maintenance issues. Our energy audit rates 10 Energy Vital Signs to give you a full picture of your home’s energy performance.

More importantly still, we’ll give you a strong sense of what you can do about those performance issues. We’ll give you a prioritized list of recommended improvements, taking into account not only potential savings but also the cost of each improvement. For instance, instead of replacing your entire furnace — a significant investment — you may be able to get many of the same benefits by sealing your ducts and upgrading attic insulation.

Of course, once you’ve looked at your prioritized list and determined which improvements you’ll make to your home, we’ll also be more than happy to put those changes into practice. At Hurley & David, we have over five decades’ experience in the HVAC industry, and we know exactly how to make your home more efficient. From insulation upgrades and duct sealing to high-efficiency replacement systems, our technicians can handle all the identified upgrades.

If you’re serious about cutting energy usage in your home, a home energy performance evaluation is the place to start. Call us at (413) 732-3141 to schedule your appointment or learn more.