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HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Preserving your HVAC system is vital for its efficient operation and longevity. In addition, a properly maintained HVAC system can lower energy expenses and minimize the need for  expensive repairs or replacements. Whether you have a central air conditioning system…

HVAC Warranty Guide

Air conditioning units are a common and essential component of many homes. However, if you have owned your unit for a while or are moving into a new home, you may have a few questions about how long you can…

Can an Air Conditioner Make You Sick?

Poor air quality is no light matter. Air pollution kills seven million people all over the world every year. That’s more than 19,000 people every day.  When people think about pollution and poor air quality, they think about smog and…

What is Ductless AC & How Does It Work?

Ducts be gone! More than 1.75 million American homes use ductless air conditioning to warm and cool air. The ductless AC industry grows yearly as more Americans discover how valuable ductless heating and cooling can be. If you want to…

Furnace Blowing Cold Air – Reasons and Solutions

A furnace is the centerpiece of your home’s entire heating system. However, a furnace blowing cold air doesn’t contribute anything to this system. In fact, it is actively doing the opposite of what it is supposed to do.  If you’re…

Baseboard Heating VS Forced Air Heating

Did you know that 90% of the 116 million homes in the United States are expected to face increased heat costs? These rising costs make many homeowners more concerned about their current heating system.  If you’ve researched heating systems, you’ve…