Duct Cleaning

Success should be clear. Just like your commercial duct systems

Indoor air quality is a huge point of focus for large commercial buildings. After all, most people spend 90% of their time indoors, often in large offices. To maintain clean commercial duct systems, it’s vital to have a partner who understands the ins and outs of proper duct system maintenance. HDAir is well-versed in proper commercial duct cleaning procedures, including the correct, approved sanitizers and vacuums for optimal ductwork performance.

The right commercial duct system lets you breathe easy

Not all businesses are created equal. Some have vastly different ventilation needs. From commercial kitchens, car repair shops and garages to light industry businesses, HDAir is well equipped to deliver a custom designed commercial duct system that makes the most sense for your business’s individual needs.

For example, a highly acclaimed bistro may not find duct work to be all that appetizing. Some ventilation systems need to work without being noticed. We have a state of the art computer-controlled plasma-cutting table in our duct fabrication shop. This system allows us to lay out and fabricate complex duct configurations that look good and provide proper air flow.

When your commercial duct system is healthy, your workers are healthy

The larger your workforce, the more sick day numbers can add up when unhealthy air is being recirculated. If you are considering a system improvement to an existing space or if you are expanding, call HDAir for a commercial duct system evaluation. You may need a cleaning or you may need repair. Either way, HDAir’s vast expertise can help bring your commercial space to a healthy new place.